Research Archive

Relevant recent Research Papers from our group and others include the following:

Environmental observations at the NMMU Karoo shale research core-drill site

Research Collaboration on Shale Gas and the Environment

WRC shale gas meeting minutes

The great shale debate in the Karoo

A reality check on the shale gas revolution

China slow to tap shale-gas bonanza

Impact of Shale Gas Development on Regional Water Quality

The Geopolitics of Natural Gas Report of Scenarios Workshop of Harvard University’s Belfer Center and Rice University’s Baker Institute Energy Forum

Shale-Gas Plans Threaten China's Water Resources

Wastewater injection cracks open quake concerns

Gas drilling taints groundwater

Scrambling for Southern Africa’s natural gas: Boon or bubble?

Fluids and Earthquakes part 2 - Some Earthquakes Warn That They Are About to Strike

New study finds increased gas in drinking water-wells near shale gas extraction sites

Karoo Shale Gas characteristics results from recent drilling now published

General Composition of Fracking Fluids

Dutch postpone drilling for gas-rich shales until at least mid-end 2014

SHALE GAS and its potential in AFRICA

How the fracking industry fuels congress

Fracking, Electricity and Water Costs in Texas

Methane Leaks from North American Natural Gas Systems

KAROO Shale Gas Research Program and Opportunities at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Shale Gas Research Program and Opportunities: pictures and time lines